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You don't need much to enjoy our course, but internet access is essential. You can't download our videos, so you must have the bandwidth to stream them.


Your screen for watching the online videos must be easy to see in front of your workspace, which could be a tabletop or somewhere to prop up your drawing board.

Materials list

  • a sketchbook (A2 or A3 is best)

  • multiple sheets of newsprint (A1 or A2) OR an A2 layout pad

  • multiple sheets of brown or grey sugar paper A2/A1

  • multiple sheets of black sugar paper A2/A1

  • soft pencils 2B - 6B

  • a putty rubber

  • graphite sticks

  • willow charcoal in various sizes

  • compressed charcoal

  • charcoal pencil

  • soft pastels (Jaxell’s half-sticks starter set is a good start)

It’s not essential you have everything on this list – you can find ways to make do with what you’ve got to hand, like parcel paper from the post office or a roll of plain wallpaper.

If you want to buy materials online, BOW students get a 15% discount (and 20% on your birthday!) with - details on sign-up.