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Hi Jen & Kirsty,


Just wanted to thank you both for the brilliant course. I am having a blast...

I looked at the drawings I made today and was genuinely amazed at how good they are starting to look. I'm so pleased with myself that I was left actually buzzing high for the rest of the afternoon. I had no idea the creative process could be so potent...


If you had traveled back in time to eight weeks ago and shown me any one of the drawings I made today or last week and told me that I was the artist I would have laughed you out of the room as it seems absolutely inconceivable! I would not have thought myself anywhere near capable of achieving the results I'm now achieving given that I'm pretty much a total beginner, bar the odd bit of random doodling and a few unfocused, and very short-lived attempts to teach myself many years ago.


All credit to my progress is down to your calm tuition and wonderful demos and, of course, the amazing models and poses, that I have been able to come as far as I have so I can't really thank you both enough. Each week is just a really relaxing, HIGHLY therapeutic, space to lose myself in and I am having such a great time pushing myself a little bit further each week. This week I tried a face AND feet!! Going to try hands next...


Anyways, sorry to ramble, but I cannot recommend this course enough to anyone even a tiny bit interested in drawing. I think some folk might worry that they are not good enough (I certainly did) to undertake a course but I am proof that anyone can achieve great, rewarding results. Plus, the process is as much part of the fun as anything that is created - I have developed quite a fondness for the feel of lumps of charcoal (and now chalk!) on paper...


Thanks so much for making this happen!

Mike, Course Participant

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