​What is Refreshers/Beginners?

10-week course 

Each sessio  consists of a video tutorial from artist tutors, and model videos to draw from, allowing you to learn and practice all the basic skills of life drawing.

What does it cost?


£120 for the course videos

£250 for the course plus feedback (weekly zoom call with a tutor)

Is it right for me?

BOW refreshers/beginners is suitable for anyone who feels a bit rusty or intimidated about drawing from observation, through to complete beginners. 10 weeks of BOW insights, demonstrations, and practice will take your drawing to the next level! Read our testimonials to hear what others are saying about the course.


  • How does an online life drawing class work?


Our quality video tutorials and model videos are streamed from a secure Dropbox. Just click on a link in an email from us to watch (and re-watch) the videos as much as you need to over the nine weeks of the course. If you choose the tutor-feedback option, you have a 20-minute video call every week to discuss your personal progress and development.

You will need internet access good enough to stream the videos, and a workspace where you can draw with a good view of the screen.

How long are the sessions?

Each session lasts around 2 hours, including tutorial video plus 90mins of model poses. Each tutorial lasts 20- 40 minutes and includes drawing demonstrations, mini-lectures, and slideshows.


Sessions and Topics covered in Refreshers/Beginners


Week 1: Making a Start.


Week 2: Mark-Making and Materials


Week 3: Comparative Measuring


Week 4: Measuring & Proportions in depth


Week 5: Quality of Line


Week 6: Expressive and 3-dimensional Line


Week 7: Tone and Value


Week 8: Tone in Depth


Week 9: Creative Sketchbooks


Week 10: Your Style

  • What materials will I need?


A sketchbook A3 or larger,

sheets of newsprint or sugar paper (white/grey/black) A2 or larger,

tracing paper A3 or larger,


soft willow charcoal,

colour pastels,

white chalk, and anything else you like to draw with.

It’s not essential you have everything on this list – you can find ways to make do with what you’ve got to hand, like parcel paper from the post office or a roll of plain wallpaper.




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