Body Of Work

Artist-tutors Kirsty Whiten and Jennifer Robson offer online life drawing courses, for you to do in your own space, at your own pace. 

Each class consists of a video tutorial, followed by a high-quality video of real models posing.

Sign up, and you'll receive links to the videos to watch and practice at home. There is nothing like the discipline of weekly observational drawing to hone your skills and uplevel your drawing, and our community of fellow life-drawers is really supportive and encouraging.

You can opt to study independently or to have weekly one-to-one tutor feedback, tailored to your level.


Artist-tutors Kirsty whiten and Jennifer Robson were missing their studio classes in the pandemic, so they created in-depth video tutorials and high-quality model videos for their students to practice with. They've now made this course available to anyone to enjoy life drawing in their own space, at their own pace. Both artists have impressive skills and reputations for their own figurative artwork, and their trusted techniques and passion for drawing the human figure are shared in warm and encouraging videos from their studios.


"We think it's important to address your emotional and psychological experience of drawing," says Jennifer. "Too often the inevitable difficulties of being creative are lonely and frustrating, competitive and even traumatic! Our approach is a shared drawing session, where each individual is encouraged to be brave and bold, and overcome their own particular hurdles. The community that's building up around the courses is very supportive and friendly, and the progress that people make with that at their back is phenomenal.”


“Drawing from life takes so much concentration, it’s all about being very present and alive to what’s here, right now.” says Kirsty. “It's so therapeutic to set aside time to be mindful and creative like this, especially because of the isolation we've all been experiencing."


The Refreshers/Beginners course, which starts on June 28th, is suitable for total beginners or anyone who's feeling a little rusty or unsure of their drawing ability. It covers all of the basic skills from your first ever figure drawing, through measuring, quality of line, and tonal drawing. It gives you guidance for trying out different materials from charcoal and graphite to soy sauce and tea bags! Well, we all have to make do with what we've got in lockdown...


In this course, you get the feel of a real drawing studio in the comfort and safety of your home. You can work at your own pace, whenever you like, and become part of a supportive and friendly community.  All you need is access to the internet and a few basic materials.




"Brilliant course with talented, inspiring, compassionate tutors. I would never have had the courage to do a life class 'in the flesh' with others around me as I am an anxious beginner with more patience than skill or natural talent. I can work at my own pace with lots of breaks and hope to improve my skills to the level of others who share their amazing work. Thank you Kirsty and Jen, talented artists and excellent teachers; a rare combination." course participant


"The Body of Work Life Drawing Classes have become a real high point in my week. To set aside a couple of hours to play with materials, to look and to draw really closely is really good for the mind and soul. I did a lot of life drawing when I was younger but it has been difficult to fit into my adult life. This course is the perfect solution. The tutors give thoughtful, encouraging tutorials and the models are brilliantly professional and the poses varied. I am so pleased to have returned to drawing- Thank you Kirsty and Jen and all the models! " course participant

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